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Our goals

During thirteen years, SCCF (Structured Commodity & Corporate Finance) has built a diversified portfolio of SMEs(merchants). To respond to a constantly increasing demand of alternative funding further to the restrictions imposed on commercial banks via Basel III regulations, SCCF comes up with a crowd lending platform allowing potential lenders to meet the financial needs of the borrowers.

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Finance your transactions thanks to the Crowdlending


Lend to commodity trading businesses with an attractive Return on Investment

How does the platform work ?

Borrow from individuals

Easy accessible financing

No hidden costs transparent fees

Lightning-fast turnaround time

Flexible loan durations and deadlines

Lend to community trading businesss

Attractive loans

Borrower quality control

Very low failures rates

Insurance on your money

Our selection criteria

Over 10 years of work and research, we developed a statistical analysis system based on millions of data point.

It allows us to scientifically determine the risk of each project.